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Debs Cook is a self-confessed herbaholic, who has had a keen interest in herbs since she was a young girl. Originally from Manchester, she now resides in Derbyshire with her husband and their two cats, Poppy and Rosie. She is the former Social Media Manager and Resident Herb Expert for JustBotanics (JB having now moved on to pastures new); Debs is also a former trustee of the Herb Society (2007-2010), she is now one of the Herb Society's advisor's.

Debs helps to maintain the websites of the College of Phytotherapy Practitioners (CPP) and the Discovering Herbal Medicine Course. She has also written herbal articles which include information on cultivating herbs, as well as writing an assortment of posts on her other blog at Herbal Haven on growing and using herbs, key figures and companies that have contributed to the rich herbal history we all share.

She has written articles for the Herb Society including a 3 part feature on their founder Hilda Leyel and wrote as the resident herb expert for Garden News magazine (2012 - 13) and  Grow Your Own magazine (2006-07) writing a herb of the month column for them. In early 2008 Debs was commissioned by the Guardian to write a ‘How to Grow’ guide on a selection of the most popular culinary herbs. She has also appeared on BBC1's Countryfile, in support of the humble dandelion, where she fed Ben Fogle dandelion soup!

A keen amateur photographer of herbs and wild flowers, her photos have featured in articles in 'Garden News', 'Grow Your Own' and 'Yoga and Health Magazine', and also in ‘Herbs’ the journal of the Herb Society. She is a collector of herb books and has almost 700 books in a collection, which she lovingly refers to as her 'library', the oldest book dates back to the 17th century, but the majority of them are from the 21st century with gems from the 19th and 20th centuries which are her favourite herbal eras.

She regularly gets asked to proof read for herbalists and herbal authors and has performed this task for Henriette Kress, Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal, and Zoe Hawes. Debs is currently researching and writing a book on Dr W. T Fernie, the man who wrote 'Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure' and a book on the wild flowers and herbs of Derbyshire.

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